Day 2: Psalm 62

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Our home series first took root as I sat silently pouring into my Bible. I love my Bible y'all. Coach gave it to me many Christmases ago and even had my name engraved on the front of it. I just love that kind of sweet and thoughtful. 

Back to the point. 

I was reading Psalm 62 in preparation for this series and praying that a topic would settle into my heart.  The Psalm reads, "Truly my soul waits upon God" and if you venture further..."from Him comes my salvation."  Twelve simple words, but powerful and full of life change. As I read them, I thought, Well ya I am waiting upon the Lord to be led in this #write31days challenge

Waiting, waiting, waiting. 

However, the Lord knew I was waiting yet had already called me to write home. I wasn't completely aware at this point, but I knew I felt comfort in the Lord as I waited.  My soul was calm. Why? Because I was waiting for Him.

He is our Home. 

Throughout this series, we will dive into the the physicality and spirituality of being home. If you find yourself restless, searching and yearning for peace, you are not home and nor is your heart.  Psalm 62 continues...verse 8 to be specific, "Trust in Him at all times; ye people and pour your heart before him; God is a refuge for us."  My first question is where is your heart? Is it firmly rooted in the everlasting peace of our Lord? or in things of this world? I hate to break it to you, but if you are relying on mankind and worldly things to fill your heart, then you will end up nothing but heartbroken. We live in a broken world, friends. It's time we turn from the brokenness and walk with Jesus.  He doesn't promise a life without heartache, but He does promise a peace that passes understanding - even in the trials of life. 

Take a step towards fining your true Home. 

Day 1: Home #write31days

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Welcome to the newest series here at the Home Team. I am beyond excited that I stumbled upon this opportunity to collaborate with The Nester and bring you a whole new perspective here on the blog.  When I started out blogging, my goal was to bring inspiration and encouragement for my fellow coach's wives.  Since then, the blog has taken many twists and turns and I have found myself yearning to get back to something - I just wasn't sure what that something was. ** Insert lots of thinking, planning and praying **  After the aforementioned thinking, planning and praying, we have the home series.  

So just what is #write31days and what is the deal with home?  
Well, #write31days is a 31 day blog writing challenge in which you choose a topic/category and write about it for 31 consecutive days. Seriously.  I'm excited for many reasons, but the most important is that I will be writing and it will be meaningful writing. The kind of writing that exalts our Lord and encourages other women in similar situations to mine. 

Now for the second part of the question, what's the deal with home?
I brainstormed what felt like a ton of ideas for the focus of the series. I can't even tell you all the topics, ideas, posts, verses, etc that I wrote down, scratched through and expounded on before my heart was led to home. 

My heart was led home, y'all. 

I'm not going to divulge all the home secrets here in the first post, but I can assure you that as the 31 days unfolds, so will your understanding of home. We will explore the spirituality and the physicality of what home means.

Won't you come home with me?

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The Post That Never Got Written

Saturday, September 20, 2014

This is the blog post that I kept waiting to write itself. There's so much to say, but it seems I never had just the right words. You know that feeling? 

Flashback to last November as I stood in the foyer of our church waiting on Coach.  As I stood there, a gal I knew from my teaching days approached me. She asked such a simple question, but little did I know how my God was using her to grow me.  She asked, "Do you like to decorate?"  I might've gotten a little over-excited and replied, "Yes! I just wish I had the time to decorate more." She went on to tell me that for the Women's Christmas dinner, the church was needing volunteers to decorate a table.  The details were sketchy, but I was excited. I mean, come on, decorating for Jesus! Heck yes!  

All I knew was that I was able to pick my table's theme and that no table was to look remotely alike. Sounded good to me.  Then the welcome letter and directions landed in my inbox.  In sponsoring a table to decorate, I was also to be a host for the table for one night of the Women's Dinner.  Now, I had been looking for ways to meet other women at church and get involved in the women's ministries, but this....this idea of me hosting a table full of women I don't know. It just about sent me panicking over the edge. 

Not many people realize how painstakingly awkward it is for me to meet new people. Deep down, I'm an introvert and I like the small, close-knit circle of friends I have.  (I tell ya, my Day Job folks won't believe this one bit.) I shared the news with Coach and he laughed a hearty laugh and said he was thankful God put me in this position. He said I needed it. 

I put the panic aside and started my Pinterest search for the perfect tablescape. I spent hours in Hobby Lobby and Michael's and everywhere else in between. I just had to make the perfect table. You know, cause, everyone else's table was going to be perfect too. 

Enter the worry of comparison. 

What if nobody liked my table theme? What if it was too gaudy? What if mine was ugly because I'm not a decorator? What if...what if...what if...

The day finally came to set up my creation. As Coach unloaded the car and watched me as I worked, I couldn't help but look at the other tables. How did they attach such extravagances from the ceiling? Oh gosh, why didn't I think to use a mason jar? Who's that over there...oh nobody just a team.of.decorators. Real ones!  Ugh...ya'll already know this, but comparison is the thief of joy. I learned this the hard way. At a moment when I should be joyfully serving the Lord, I was comparing. I felt foolish for even committing to this event. But, there was no turning back now. 

Later that night, with the candles lit and the mirrors glinting, the table glowed.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I learned a lesson - Jesus is the beholder.  He called me to volunteer my decorative efforts and to provide a warm, welcoming table for my fellow women. 

That night was one of my favorites. Truly.  Our table was full of sweet ladies and the worry of comparison was long gone. 

When God calls you to serve Him, remember that HE is the one who beholds your beauty, not the world. 


Home Team Fall Favorites on Pinterest

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Long before the first cool air wisps around, people start pinning fall decor on Pinterest. It's like the season before the season. I must admit I don't decorate for Halloween...that's just a tad creepy.  I mean have you see the creepy things in the Pottery Barn catalog? I don't need any fake crows sitting on my mantle. No thank you. 

But I do decorate for fall.  Here in Texas we hope and dream of fall and then one day it finally appears and you're no longer drenched in sweat at the Friday night football game and it finally just feels right to order that Pumpkin Spiced Latte. 

Each year I do a little Pinterest clean up. I like to be organized and my Pinterest boards are no exception. No image hoarding here at the Home Team!  Only sleek, efficient digital organization.  

As I prepped to get the house ready for fall decorations, I found some great things out there!  See for yourself!

I love Crafty Texas Girls use of the I'm Thankful printable.  I've already printed mine out.  Wait til you see it!  

Just look at the vintage feel of these three options from Ella Claire.  I must figure out how to have the Trick or Treat sign!

Totally loving the neutral white/gray pumpkin combo from HipHipHalloween.

I've even printed this simple, yet lovely Trick or Treat printable from Fancy Designs

I've followed Shanty 2 Chic for years and still love this classy pumpkin centerpiece. 

Follow The Home Team on Pinterest for more Fall love! 

Adoption: The Best Decision We Ever Made

Monday, September 15, 2014

This is the week I get all sentimental. It doesn't happen often, but this week always evokes emotions.  In case you didn't know, our Little Man (I know - I need to change his name - he's no longer little!), is adopted and this week we celebrate his 7th birthday.

A quick faq check for those pondering the usual questions:

Yes, I was in the delivery room when he was born.
Yes, he knows he's adopted and he's confident in his identity.
Yes, he know God has a plan for his life.
Yes, we are in contact with his birthmom, but only via email and mail.
Yes, he knows he has 3 half-siblings that he has never met. 
How does he feel about those siblings? Well, he wants to invite them to his birthday party if that tells you anything.

Ok - back to the blog post.

This is the week where I wonder how time has gone.  Coach and I still remember the night before he was born.  All those uncertainties that come with parenting....they were real for us too.  What would he look like? How would he act? What would his personality be like? I wrote about those feelings here once before on his 5th birthday.

As I tucked in the never-worn baseball jersey this past weekend into this tiny baseball pants, I was smitten.  I'm smitten with this little boy who calls me mom....who jumps excitedly when I buy his favorite snacks...who sings endlessly in the car....who prays each night for his family...who has a God-given tender love for others....I could go on and on.

I've never blogged about the journey Coach and I traveled that led us to adoption - I just have never felt led to write it.  There were many, many conversations and questions and praying and more praying before the final decision to adopt was made.  I know there are many women out there writing about and struggling with infertility. But the Home Team - Coach and I - feel strongly that adoption is the blessing that built our family and is the most important message to be shared.

In fact, we feel the self-less gift of adoption by LM's birthmother is even more moving than any story we could pen.  Read here for the incredible story that created our family.

So as the party preparations are finalized and the birthday song is sung, we have a full and happy heart thanks to the best decision we ever made - to pursue the gift of adoption. 

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22. Grapevine Farmer's Market

Sunday, September 14, 2014

There have been countless Saturdays I have driven past the Farmer's Market in Grapevine. Each time I wondered why I didn't stop. We all know fresh, home grown foods are much better for you than the ones produces and hauled to Walmart for purchase. So, finally I stopped.  

It was an overcast, cool day in July - a rarity in Texas - so the vendors were thin, but the quality looked good nonetheless. After coming home and tell Coach all about the large peppers, homemade salsas and fresh peaches, he decided to he needed to go back with me and check out the goodies.

Meanwhile, check out my fancy pics.

What I'm Reading

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Day job travels have me in the lovely Austin, TX this week. If you're a consistent reader of the ole blog, then you know I love me some Austin. Like a lot. 

Well, after a long day of discourse and challenging my own thinking, I have some time to unwind to myself. So what do I do? I do what any other working mamma would do with a few quite moments - I read the Internets and peruse Pinterest.

Here's a few things that caught my fancy.

Why Use Multiple Planners from Pretty Well Organized.  You had me at planner.   

Off the Pew from Caroline Holzberger. My friend posted one of her blog posts on FB and now I just keep going back to read more. 

Staycation on Lakeway Resort and Spa from Oh Hey, What's Up. If only someone would ask me to write a blog post about Lakeway....Someday I'll be a Texas travel blogger...someday. 

The Blogtember Challenge from Brave Love.  I'd love to have the time to write a post everyday. Maybe next time. 

Anything by Jen Hatmaker.  Anything. 

So what are you doing in your down time?
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