Home Court

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This is a new one for me – writing on the eve of our newest season. You see, when the ball hits the court tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, our basketball season officially starts. We haven’t been completely without basketball thus far…there have been league games, open gyms and a lot of film time. But at 6:30 am, all that changes and we are thrust full-throttle into the season.

I am excited and anxious all wrapped up into one. Any coach's wife can understand that mix of emotion. One thing that is the same, is that I've prepared for our season just as I used to prepare for football season. In prayer.

It’s my prayer that the coaches are prepared and have the wisdom to lead these young ladies in their season.  I pray for the players and their families – that they may be healthy and prepared for the endurance of the season. I pray that our team becomes a model for other athletic programs and for His work to be exalted throughout the season.

 As Coach and the team takes the home court in the morning, my heart will be with them.

A Church Home....Continued

Sunday, October 19, 2014

After I completed and published last week’s post on finding a church home, I laid in bed and felt all the words come to me that were left out. It felt so…unfinished. There are so many words, ya’ll, I could share when it comes to finding a loving your church home.

If you read last week’s post with a close eye you may have noticed a time lapse between my first church home and the South Texas church home….like a 10+ year time lapse. Now don’t get to worrying, we did attend church in those years.  It’s just we didn’t feel it was a home for us – not until we moved south did we truly experience all God has for our family as a church.  In fact, we firmly believe that was part of God’s plan in moving us South – to reaffirm and redirect our family in His ways – not our ways.

There’s nothing wrong with attending church – that’s the foundation to build on.  But where you really begin living out God’s mission for your life is when you get involved…not just on the outskirts, but INVOLVED.  In yesterday’s post I wrote, you have to get in the pew in order to get off the pew to do His work

It’s about life change, people. 

If I had the words to adequately express my feelings, I would share with you the complicated, yet beautiful tapestry that was hand woven in my life through these three churches. {See, even that sentence is wordy!} Since returning to this area and finding a church home, 5 of our friends and family have been baptized and renewed their lives in Christ.  It is my firm belief that those 5 individuals would not have experienced life change if God hadn’t taken us to South Texas.  I know, that’s a difficult thought to wrap your head around…what does a Uhaul and 300 miles have to do with life change? But it did and it does.  It’s not until we follow His lead, that we will fully experience the life He designed for us.

It all begins with finding a church home.

A Church Home

Thursday, October 16, 2014

When I think about my church home three come to mind.  

The sweetest church that I grew up in and have so many memories from, the church full of the nicest people in South Texas and our current home church. Each one of them holds a special place in my heart and have shaped my life in some significant way.  Having a solid and consistent church home is an important foundation in your daily walk.  All of us need a place to congregate weekly where you are spiritually fed and restored.  We must spend time on the pew to be equipped to jump off the pew and do God's work out in the world. 

Oh those sweet churches in my life.

My truest home church still sits stoically alongside the highway a great little college town in Central Texas. It's where I learned to sing, where I was led to be a teacher, where I saw my parent's model for serving the Lord...and so many other things. It's a place of community where my family has gathered for joyous wedding celebrations and laid family members to rest. It's my home. 

As Coach and I took our trek to the South several years ago, we were blessed to find the sweetest little church of absolutely the nicest people you've ever met. Really, the niceness of South Texas blew me away while we were down there. Every single day.  This church holds a special place in the Home Team history - it's where Coach re-found his love of singing and playing on the worship team. As we searched for a new church when we moved back to the area, having the opportunity for him to be a part of worship was on our short list. 

Enter, our current church home.  It's a place our family goes each week and has our souls restored to go out and serve our Lord. I firmly believe you must get on the pew in order to get off the pew and into the world to live out your faith. 

Get out there and find your church home. What's stopping you? 

Sitting at Home

Monday, October 13, 2014

I'm sitting here in my favorite comfy chair catching a glimpse of the sunset as the rays peek through the trees.  Thankfully the wind is dying down a bit. I was beginning to think we'd lose a few trees...no really, there's a tree branch in the bottom of my pool.  {That crazy Texas weather!}

Closing in on the 13th day of the #write31days challenge and I've completed 9 posts. I had plans to let the days go that I had lost and to get a few posts generated for the week ahead. The weekend had other plans for me it seems. 

I came home Friday to find out one of our AC units was out. Cue that crazy Texas weather. Boy I am thankful this didn't happen in August!  And Friday nights....well, I take that night off and relish in  the joys of the weekend. No blogging, no working out, no running, no nothing.  Except I started a project that Coach and I affectionately call Operation Rid the Pantry of Moths.  Yep, the pantry has some friends living in it.  I've spent many hours this weekend working through keeping my home clean, sanitized and moth-free.  If you haven't heard of a Pantry Moth, don't Google it.  You don't want to know. 

So, as the sun sets on my weekend, I hold fast to the promises of a new week and new beginnings here on the blog.  A few things have caught my eye this weekend that I'll share with you. 

Just recently purchased The Best Yes from Lysa Terkeurst and cannot wait to dive in. Cannot. 

I've found this little gem of a blog while reading through other #write31day writers. Her current series, 31 Days of Breaking Bread is reminiscent of Shauna Niequist's Bread and Wine that I loved so much.  In fact, her current #write31days series is similar to a blog series I have planned, but remains unpublished.  In time, dear readers, I'll share that series. But not yet. 

There's a pallet in my garage. Yep, you read that correctly.  Coach was a dream last night and brought me home a pallet to disassemble and get creative with.  Again, I cannot wait!  

And what about those Bears!  I am happily flaunting my Baylor shirt and hat today.  Flaunting, I say!

Here's the the coming week! 

I've Been Home

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Yes, I am aware I've skipped a few days of the 31 Day Challenge, but I don't feel guilty in the least. Why? Because I've been home.  I've been home with my family and enjoying our time together.  I promise I have more posts coming your way!

Stay tuned!

Not at Home

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

I'm sitting here blogging tonight from the comfy throws of a hotel in Dallas. While I do love me some time in the big city at a swanky hotel, I just hate not being at home.  As in my heart aches to be in my own bed, my own shower and with my own people. I'm sure you've all seen this quote.

I came to truly believe this when we moved to South Texas 4 years ago.  As we packed up the Uhaul traveled 300+ miles south, I learned the most important things weren't the hand-scraped wood floors I left behind or the travertine tiles, but the two men in my life...Coach and Little Man. Together, we make a family, The Home Team. 

The three of us travel together often and to the point where it feels weird to leave Little Man behind. He loves to travel and often writes about where we take him.  Unfortunately, this has led him to asking for vacations to the Bahamas, but that's another topic for another day. 

When I'm away on Day Job business it's not my comfy bed I miss the most, it's the people who make my house a home and I am incredibly thankful to share a home with them.

{Printable} Home Wasn't Built in a Day

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

To keep me focused on building the Godly things in my home, I created a printable to frame.  You can download one too!  

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