10 Words to Describe Jen Hatmaker's Interrupted

Sunday, August 17, 2014


As I finished reading the final words of this book, my heart was forever altered.  There I was in a crowded local taco joint with a hubbub of excitement and noise all around me, but I felt as if the world stood still.  Through the words of Jen Hatmaker, Jesus had touched my heart and opened my eyes to another world - His world.

"God does not change, but He uses change to change us. He sends us on journeys that bring us to the end of ourselves. " 

Interrupted is the account of the Hatmaker family transformation where their life gets, well Interrupted.  Jesus takes them on a season of life-altering change....from pastoring a large, comfortable church to taking to the streets of Austin and ministering to the homeless.  All throughout the journey, I appreciated the rawness of Jen's words. At one point in Interrupted, you get the opportunity to hear from her husband, Brandon.  You see, Jesus spoke this into Jen's heart first and there was a season of thoughtful prayer that led them to move together into missional living. Hearing their voices in each subsequent chapter gives a unique perspective to the mingling of souls in a God-ordained marriage.

"A barefoot church."

Leaving her beloved boots behind, Jen takes off into the journey. Her focus, to serve as Jesus served.  Luke 22:27 accounts, But I among you as one who serves.  The few chapters describing and detailing the Hatmaker's church plant was like watching God's tapestry weave itself. I devoured those chapters quickly waiting impatiently to see what the next page held.  I can only image how her family felt living it out - in real time and waiting on God's will.  

"I discovered the journey was not only about something new but also about being willing to go, even before we knew where we were going. " 

Our lives in Christ are just that - lives. in. Christ.  We are created in God's image and called to do His work here on earth.  Sometimes as Christians we spend time creating our own opportunities instead of responding to His leading. What would happen if I let God fully lead instead of me taking the lead?  Yes, those are words taken directly from my notes as I read through Interrupted in that local taco joint mentioned above.  Deep words that resonate with me still. 

What did Interrupted mean to me? Oh so much. I want to buy up hundreds of copies of this book and mail it to all my girlfriends and sisters-in-law!  While I had followed Jen Hatmaker as Christian author, speaker and blogger, I had never read her books.  (I know, I know!)  But since finishing Interrupted, I have downloaded and read two more: 7 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess and The Modern Girl's Guide to Bible Study.  Wow - these works are powerful as well.  But let it be known, that there would be no 7 if there was never Interrupted.  

I've always been a comfortable Christian - happy in my Bible studies and simple relationships.  But as Jen writes, "Our lives must reflect this heart of Christ, or we will always remain one click away."   How will I reach the unreachable and love who the world says is unlovable?  How will my life be more like Christ?  What does missional living look like for The Home Team?  

I don't have all the answers, but I do have hope that my Jesus will lead me.  

Thank you Jen for allowing God to work through your words and impact the hearts of many, but most importantly, thank you for serving our Lord.

Internet Round Up

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ya'll know I read alot. A LOT.  Here's a snippet of what I've been up to on the internets.

Check out the ultra cool Bat Box from the Austinot. It's like Birchbox for Austinites.  Seriously cool and yes, Coach, I'd like a subscription. Speaking of the Austinot - I just love them. Reading their blog makes me want to live in Austin. They accept contributing bloggers, but something tells me they want them to actually live in ATX. 

I've been eating a lot healthier lately and avocados are a staple in my fridge. This post my friends will help you pick just the right ones.

A truly fab book list from Happily Ever Strader. Booklists keep me going!

More books - this list from the Hollywood Housewife

And yes, my very first 'official' book review is in the works!  Coming soon, Interrupted.

Copy cat recipe for Torchy's Taco's corn!  Yes please!

Happy browsing!

5. Working on my Fitness

Sunday, August 3, 2014

run with purpose. 1 Corinthians 9:26
No 5 on my 100 in 1001 list is to run a 5K and beat my last time. The last time I ran a 5K was a night run (with glowsticks!) in March of 2012.  I agree, it's been too long.

This summer I recommited to my running program for a variety of reasons, but most importantly taking care of my body and stress relief. Since mid-June, I've logged over 45 miles!  I've learned a lot about interval training, hydration and what a good pair of shoes can do for you. 

This past weekend I headed out for my longest run to date...my goal was 5 miles. That's huge for me you guys. Huge.  As I ran, I checked my GPS for mileage and was shocked to see I was closing in on the 5K mark at under 30 minutes. Shocked!  I anxiously watched the time and realized I ran the 5K portion of my run in 26:49.  Guys, that's 3 minutes faster than my run in March of 2012!!  I might have been fist pumping as I headed back for the main road. I love crossing things off my 100 in 1001 list!

So the next two miles I pondered just what tremendously impacted my running abilities this month and I tell ya it's the Beachbody Piyo Challenge I'm doing.  My friend, Nancy, is a Beachbody Coach who creates challenge groups several times a year. (If you're interested, let me know and I'll hook you up with her!) When Piyo first came out I knew I'd like it...yoga and pilates...what's not to like? So, I signed up and started the workouts. I love it! Some workouts are 20 minutes - others 45. Either way, they have been easy to incorporate into my day. The best part has been gaining strength that I can see each time I set out for a run. 

This isn't the only bucket item I've crossed off the list...more posts to come! 

Blogaversary and a Change in Seasons

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Wow - while updating my blog today I noticed that as of two days ago The Home Team turned 4 years old! Where does the time go? You can find my first ever post here.

When I started my blog Coach had just left for his annual Coaching School trip...the absolute beginning of football season in this house. But as I sit here today I realize Coach won't be making that pilgrimage this year. 

In mixed feelings, I share football season will not be a season we have here at The Home Team. Coach has left behind the helmets, pads and stadium lights for those of pine, swishes and buzzers.  You got it - Coach has moved his career to varsity girls basketball. I say I have mixed feelings - but that's not a bad thing. This change is good for our family and I am thrilled to see what the basketball season will bring. But ya'll know I love football. Like I really love football.  I have some of the greatest memories sitting in those stands eating Subway with the Original Coaches Wives....driving all over Texas in the Warrior Wagon...throwing streamers....the list goes on and on.  If you've been following the blog then you know what the memories of football season are to me. 

I know that the Lord has orchestrated this change and in His timing we will find ourselves in a new rhythm of seasons. I truly will not forget the friendships fostered and the memories created.

In keeping with the Home Team tradition, my prayers will be with the wives who are preparing to send their husbands off to football season soon. May you all have strength, compassion and patience. 

4. Visit a Local Winery {Grapevine, TX}

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, my birthday came and went back in June and I am thrilled to share what Coach had in store for me that special day. I definitely wasn't looking forward to getting a year older, but it just keeps happening.  Year after year. 

On with the fun day!

Coach was super sweet and thoughtful enough to take me on a wine tour through Grapevine. 


Obviously the winery sits on a historical site, but I preferred the artsy picture with the crepe myrtle.  


This is one of my favorite pics I took all day. We sat at the little wine bar and talked with the host. After a quick tasting we went out back to check out the property and take some more pictures. 


See? What a gorgeous property! 

Next stop, Farina's on Main St. 

 I got artsy again and took a pic of the lettering from the inside out. See the wet roads? Yep - it pretty much started down-pouring at this point. After a yummy lunch, we tried to leave to walk to our next destination, but alas - couldn't do it.  So we were held hostage in a winery. Darn the luck! 

Next (and final) stop, Off the Vine - Into the Glass

This was a swanky little place. Very dark and already become inhabited by the daily locals who show up at the end of a workday. We had a small sampling and munched on an appetizer of salmon something or other. It was nothing short of amazing!  

Another cool pic.  Yes, I was snapping pics all afternoon. 

After we finished in Grapevine, we headed for home.

Thank you Coach for a memorable birthday!

Coming Soon! Jen Hatmaker's Revised and Updated Interrupted

Friday, July 18, 2014

300w banner

I am super excited to share with you all this morning that I am one of 200 bloggers selected to pre-read and review the latest revised and edited version of Jen Hatmaker's book, Interrupted

Pinch me now!

Ya'll know I love to read and I've recently found so much solace is reading my favorite blogger's books.{Bread and Wine was a big fav!}  My Goodreads 'to read' list has several titles from Jen Hatmaker, but I haven't gotten around to downloading them just yet. I'm about halfway through Interrupted and I can tell you (no spoilers yet!) that reading this work first will set the stage for reading her other publications. 

So....how long til I reveal my book review? Just sit tight - I'll have it posted in the next few weeks. 

Till then...happy Friday!

Vacation Recap

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We love to travel and the Texas Hill Country is one of our favorite locations. I am thankful for the time to spend with Coach and Little Man each summer before the craziness of the school year starts again. Take a look at our road trip south!

First stop, spending July 4th in Waco with the family.  We got there just in time to decorate the golf cart and participate in the neighborhood July 4th parade.

Second stop, Victoria. Yes, our old stomping grounds from a few years ago. Sorry for the dark photo....We were only in Victoria about 24 hours, but I am thankful that Coach was able to use his talents to help in leading worship at our former church. {And yes, there will be another blog post about our time in Vic}

Third stop, Lakeway Resort on Lake Travis. It was amazing - we will most definitely be back. After two days of driving we were relieved to spend the afternoon and evening by the pool. The resort had breathtaking views of the surrounding lake and Little Man was content for hours in the kid's pool area. 

Another view of the double infinity pools.  We will be back!

Fourth and final stop, Gruene.  We chose this location due to it's convenience and family friendly activities. We stayed at the Gruene Homestead Inn in the Silo. 

Being in Gruene never gets old. I love the scenery and rich Texas history.

Of course we dined at the historic Gristmill Restaurant. But I will tell you we found the Gruene River Grill to be much, much better. Their food was much more savory and flavorful.

Little Man enjoyed exploring the property.

Little Man was enamored with playing pool in Gruene Hall. So much so we had to make a trip back one morning so he could do so.

Our last night in Gruene. I'm already ready to go back.
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