Holiday Organization Using Secret Pinterest Boards

Thursday, November 6, 2014

I love holidays and I love being organized.  With the size of our family and the amount of Holiday hosting we do, I have no choice but to be organized. This year I intentionally used more digital methods of organization. I love lists written on paper but I needed to opt for resources that allowed me to access the information no matter where I was.  With that in mind, I have created secret Pinterest boards to help me stay organized and focused.

Creating your own secret Pinterest boards is super easy. If you already have a Pinterest account, then you are halfway there!

1.  Go to you own Pinterest page and scroll all the way down to the bottom and see the option below your existing boards to "Create Secret Board."

I have two secret boards that I'm using this year. 1) Holiday Foods and 2) Gifts.  I load all the recipes I am planning on using for our holiday foods onto this board. Now when I talk with my sisters-in-law or other planning partners, I have easy access to the items I plan on making.  In addition, I can create my grocery shopping list from one location instead of searching through my recipe boards for the ingredients.  I can't lie - I am super excited to use this option this year.  My second secret board is for my specific gift-giving.  Sometimes when I'm perusing the Internet I find that perfect gift for a loved one. Often I don't have the time to order it right them. An easy solution is to pin it for later use.  I pin my ideas for gifts on this board and go back later and order them all at once. 

2) Now that you have created your secret boards, start pinning!  A good way to know you are pinning to your secret boards is to check for the "lock" in the drop down board menu.  Now you are all set!

There are endless ways to utilize this resources on Pinterest. From pinning your recipes to decoration inspiration to holiday destinations...let your imagination lead you!

I'd love to know how these secret boards work for you!

Going Home for Baylor Homecoming

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I'm still recovering from one of the best weekends I've had this fall. There's not much better than tailgating, College football and family.  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to spend time in my much beloved little college town and experience the resolute change in game day activities.  There are no words to describe the transformation that has occurred in Baylor football. 

See for yourself. 
Warning - there are some Halloween pics thrown in as well. 

Ready to hit the neighborhood for some treats!

 Found some really cool pumpkins at my Aunt and Uncle's house so I took the creative photo opp. 

 Parade Selfie
(No. 15 on my #100in1001)

We found the bears!

 Heading into the game. That stadium - oh my.  
(No. 16 on my #100in1001)

Going home was the perfect ending to the Home series. 

Write 31 Days: Best of the Home Series

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Whew!  That was a furious month of writing! But I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat. 

I'm here today sharing the highlights of this month.

It's easy to start with the post that got the most reader views.  It's none other than Neutral Pumpkin Decor.  I mean, who says all pumpkins have to be orange? 

The post sharing our church home really was a window into my heart.  It's been a journey here at the Home Team as we have found our places in church and truly learned to follow God and experience His best for us. 

My favorite road trip of the month was to Canton. It was my first time and I will be going back.  Soon.  And often.  

What was your favorite post of Home?

Going Home

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tomorrow's going to be a good day.  Quite ironically, on the last day of the #write31days series of Home, I will actually be traveling to...well, home.  Home will consist of many activities and memories which I will gladly share with you upon my return.  

Meanwhile, I am thankful for the opportunity to write the majority of the whole 31 days in October. Thankful for my time of reflection in finding my home in my family, friends and Christ. Thankful for the posts that were written, the words that flowed and the response from the Home Team readers. Thankful for the opportunity to open my home to you all and for the creativity I was able to share.  

Still though, there were many unwritten posts....

ways to make your house a home
fall home vignettes
warming up your home with personal memories
best of home blogs
reflecting on homes
protecting your home time

All of which I am sure will find it's way on the blog.  

Until then, I am packing for home.  

And Sic Em. 

Roadtrip: Fort Worth Old Home Supply Store

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Every now and again I get the urge to travel.  It's not something I can do often during the school year, but I try to keep my wanderlust in check by scouting out new locations and venues. This past weekend I drove just south of downtown Fort Worth to Old Home Supply.  

Old Home Supply is located in the Fairmount Historic District, which I will say is quite charming.  Picture original craftsman style homes rejuvenated and brought back to life with fresh paint and restoration.  Truly ya'll, it's the sweetest little neighborhood.



I could've happily spent all day in this little store. I only snapped a few pictures because I wanted to honor the integrity of the establishment and it's owners.  Old Home Supply has everything you might need (and want!) if you are restoring an old farm house or one of those craftsman bungalows in Fairmount. 

From skeleton keys to claw foot vintage signage and antiques...from milk glass fixtures and door hinges to door knobs and cane shafted golf clubs....Old Home Supply has what you need!

Looking for Old Home Supply?

Home Court

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

This is a new one for me – writing on the eve of our newest season. You see, when the ball hits the court tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, our basketball season officially starts. We haven’t been completely without basketball thus far…there have been league games, open gyms and a lot of film time. But at 6:30 am, all that changes and we are thrust full-throttle into the season.

I am excited and anxious all wrapped up into one. Any coach's wife can understand that mix of emotion. One thing that is the same, is that I've prepared for our season just as I used to prepare for football season. In prayer.

It’s my prayer that the coaches are prepared and have the wisdom to lead these young ladies in their season.  I pray for the players and their families – that they may be healthy and prepared for the endurance of the season. I pray that our team becomes a model for other athletic programs and for His work to be exalted throughout the season.

 As Coach and the team takes the home court in the morning, my heart will be with them.

A Church Home....Continued

Sunday, October 19, 2014

After I completed and published last week’s post on finding a church home, I laid in bed and felt all the words come to me that were left out. It felt so…unfinished. There are so many words, ya’ll, I could share when it comes to finding a loving your church home.

If you read last week’s post with a close eye you may have noticed a time lapse between my first church home and the South Texas church home….like a 10+ year time lapse. Now don’t get to worrying, we did attend church in those years.  It’s just we didn’t feel it was a home for us – not until we moved south did we truly experience all God has for our family as a church.  In fact, we firmly believe that was part of God’s plan in moving us South – to reaffirm and redirect our family in His ways – not our ways.

There’s nothing wrong with attending church – that’s the foundation to build on.  But where you really begin living out God’s mission for your life is when you get involved…not just on the outskirts, but INVOLVED.  In yesterday’s post I wrote, you have to get in the pew in order to get off the pew to do His work

It’s about life change, people. 

If I had the words to adequately express my feelings, I would share with you the complicated, yet beautiful tapestry that was hand woven in my life through these three churches. {See, even that sentence is wordy!} Since returning to this area and finding a church home, 5 of our friends and family have been baptized and renewed their lives in Christ.  It is my firm belief that those 5 individuals would not have experienced life change if God hadn’t taken us to South Texas.  I know, that’s a difficult thought to wrap your head around…what does a Uhaul and 300 miles have to do with life change? But it did and it does.  It’s not until we follow His lead, that we will fully experience the life He designed for us.

It all begins with finding a church home.
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