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Saturday, November 24, 2012

This has been the best Thanksgiving week. There have been laughs, time with family and much needed rest. See for yourself! Little Man and I spent some time today playing around with the Pixlr-matic ap on my phone...made some pretty cool pics I must say!

 Last night the fam trekked out to Bayou Jack's in Roanoke for some yummy creole food. I just loved how this drink was served...must get some jars!!
{the sparkles are a fun effect, aren't they?}

I unpacked and put up our little tree yesterday. I must say it makes the dining room look nice.
{Sparkles again!}

This has to be one of the funnest, hippest hostess gift. It has the perfect Bible verse on it!
Now...I must figure out how to make more!

Leaves have become the arch-enemy. 
That. Is. All.

Why yes, we do have our tree decorated! Notice the crosses are all along the bottom of the tree.  The 5 year old move them (yes, MOVED my decor). I just couldn't put them back. I do kinda like how they're highlighted and hanging so majestically on the bottom row.
{fun sparkles again!}

Today Little Man and I decorated his tree for his room. It was the most precious thing ever, listening to his methodology concerning precise ornament placement.
Notice that there's no angel on the tree top - there is, however, a Samurai Ranger. =)

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