Glimpse into Basketball Season

Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's just a little past mid-basketball season here at the Home Team.  Thinking back to the ole China Spring days watching Hoosiers in science class and riding pine on the 7th grade B team, I never would have thought I'd spend so much of my adult life in a basketball gym. I must say I understand the game so much better now, but some of it's idiosyncrasies are lost on me. {Take me to a golf course and then we'll talk!}

I do enjoy basketball season. It's fun and, at times, entertaining to watch Coach during a game. He gets all fired up during the games.  Oh the stories I could tell...

He loves his boys and this is year is no exception. They have truly improved and done exceptionally well under his care. We are ready - bring on the District tournament!

And just look at this...

Little Man absolutely loves watching the games. And so intently. He can read the scoreboard really well this year and often notices things about the game I don't.  He's had the joy of accompanying Coach to open gym and is anxiously looking forward to riding the bus with Daddy some day.

And then there's my time in the gym.

The new Day Job gig has me spending time cheering on my team as well. I'm blessed with the opportunity to have Little Man with me when I'm "on duty."  This pic was taken while we were waiting on Coach to arrive from his own game one night.  Little Man was a tad concerned the Dragons were playing the Texans.  {Gotta brag a little - Texans won!} 

You want to know the craziest part of all, this past Friday Coach didn't have a game and I wasn't "on duty", but where do you think we were?? In a gym watching a basketball game! 

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