The Home Team "Hikes" Lake Grapevine

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday afternoon the Coach had an adventuous idea...we needed to "hike" around Lake Grapevine and check things out.  I must say, anyone who's hiked up Johnson's Peak at Camp Grady Spruce (shout out CGS peeps!) knows that this is not really hiking. Alas, I was super excited!

We loaded up Little Man's 4 wheeler. I think he thought he was going to actually ride IN the water....that was a negative ghostrider.

You can entertain boys with rocks and water for hours. Coach spent some time teaching Little Man how to skip rocks. Side bar - no, Little Man doesn't actually drink Monsters, he's just holding the can.

The perfect rock skipping technique.

Little Man launched his rock on this try.  The swirling leg action reminded me of taking my friend, A, to play golf.  The only difference is she landed on the gound on the tee box. 

Good times!

Look at that concentration!

Hitting the trails!
We saw trees that had been struck by lightening, decomposing logs, dog prints, several little streams and whole lot of brush.  We were pretty much in little boy heaven.

 Here, we went off road and checked out an abandoned camp ground.

I saw lots of these guys....hike/bike trail markers. I can't wait to come back when the mud has dried so we can actually go on these!

Posing for a quick pic at the end.

Just look at how happy he is! Love our Little Man!

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