Austin - Pretty Much My Favorite City in Texas

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Whew! What a week.

I had the opportunity to travel to my favoritest city in Texas this week....the ATX! Also known as Austin.

Our State's capital has so much to offer in terms of entertainment, dining and of course, live music. I'm pretty sure my
carload of colleagues were tired of hearing me say, "I just love Austin." Over and over again.

Disclaimer: No, I'm not moving there nor are Coach and I packing up and heading south again.

We were able to hit one of my all time dinner spots, The Hula Hut. Situated on Lake Austin, the Hut has some of the best scenery in the city. Sunset bouncing off the waters and lake houses that leave you dreaming.

The girls and I at the Hula Hut.

The next evening we traveled to South Congress street to check out the Hills Cafe - supposedly famous. Well, it kinda was. I was pumped to find out that an episode of The Bachelorette was filmed here along with several scenes of Friday Night Lights.
Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

Memorabilia from a younger Austin outside in the courtyard.

The outdoor dining area.

I may be a sucker for Texas History, but the Hills Cafe hit the spot. It's legacy is tied to the Goodnight family. Think cattle drives and chuckwagons.  The Goodnight family built the cafe and endured many a flood and fire. Fastforward to 2013 and the Hills Cafe is a tried and true Austinite hangout. More on the history here.
(It's moments like these where I'd love to write a travel blog all about Texas. If only I had the time.)

What's not to love about this cityscape!

Yes, I Instgramed (@thebarkers83) all these photos so I could make magnets.

I was sad to leave the city lights of Austin, but was thrilled to be back with my boys. I have plans to go back and take the guys - there was some unfinished shopping on S Congress and a view at the Oasis I didn't get to.

Texas Forever

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