Road Tripping with the Home Team: Georgia

Saturday, June 29, 2013

We are having a great time trekking through the South. After our stint in Nashville, we hit the road South-East to Lake Burton, GA. The farther we drove, the more beautiful everything became!

I convinced Coach to make an unschedule stop atRock City, near Chatanooga. I can't even describe it....thinks lots of rocks, a few waterfalls, lush greenery and a lookout where you can see 7 states!

Here we go!

So lush and green!

This picture doesn't even do it justice - you can truly see 7 states!

Then we made our way to the Lake and met up with a lot of family. And I mean a lot! It's been three days of bonfires, lake swimming, tubbing, kayaking and cousin play time. We are making great memories and Little Man is having the time of his life.

I was so proud of Little Man - he has been ready to try each adventure that comes his way. He loves to kayak with Coach and did some tubing with me yesterday. We are so thankful for our time together in Georgia and being able to witness first hand the beauty God created for us in this world.
One more day and then we are Florida bound!

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